Serigraphy, 2020
Personal / competition work
Exhibition: Friesen Museum, Wyk auf Föhr
Publication: Carlsen Verlag, 2020
Special thanks to: Jörg Stauvermann

Illustrated sardine can with fishes and plastic waste inside by Adrian Bauer
Vintage sardine can label with Art Deco typography and a mermaid signet by Adrian Bauer
Color separation of sardine can artwork by Adrian Bauer
Sardine can illustration postcards by Adrian Bauer
Printed artwork of mermaid labeled sardine can with cotton swab by Adrian Bauer
Book cover of »Seagulls. Waste. And some mermaids« by Carlsen.
Book of »Seagulls. Waste. And some mermaids« by Carlsen.
Mermaid logo by Adrian Bauer
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